Healing facilitation through the use of crystals, sound, essential oils, sacred geometry, and energy healing

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My mission is to support you to live a more empowered and fulfilling life 

aligned with your full potential by emphasizing these 3 fundamental principles.

Shadow Work

Clear fear, guilt, shame, anger, blame, resentments, regrets, ancestral wounds, vows, curses, negative entities, cords, and soul contracts that drain your energy. Cleanse stagnant energies from your physical, emotional, and mental bodies.

Light Code Activation

Receive the unique light codes that will give you access and enhance the abilities available to you, upgrade your chakra system, align with your Divine blueprint and mission, and strengthen your connection to Source energy.


Integrate the healing energy received by supporting your physical well being through a healthier lifestyle, responding differently when old patterns arise, and taking action on the things that truly matter to you.

This week has gone beautifully, I’m in sync with body and mind, living comfortably amongst stillness and really feel this weekend made such an impact. Subconscious is calmer and mind non reactive and so happy not to attach to occurrences throughout the day. The teachings of grounding live strong, i’ve been holding the practice and moment by moment and I’m really feeling it. Feeling the flow, surfing through each day and feel connected. I have so much gratitude for this weekend, for your healing, the sounds and sacred vibrations, the understandings, teachings and your presence throughout. Thank you! I will highly recommend your workshops and would love to attend another.

-- Jack