Welcome to this portal of healing and empowerment!

I am Nikola Penkov and offer private sessions, group ceremonies, workshops, retreats, and webinars where you have the opportunity to experience healing facilitation through sound, crystals, essential oil elixirs, sacred geometry, and energy healing. 

We are a lot more than just the physical and have a light body comprising many layers pulsating at different frequencies. Each of us has a perfect divine blueprint that holds the potential to access wisdom, knowledge, and skills that we have developed over many lifetimes since our soul came into being. 

My mission is to support you to live a better and more fulfilling life aligned with your full potential.

All fear based consciousness like guilt, shame, anger, resentments, and regrets that we hold onto causes us to contract and lose energy. We store this information not only in our energy field, but also in the cells, tissues, bones, and organs of the body. It is a powerful liberating experience to recognise and let go of what we have suppressed in order to renew ourselves and attract new experiences and opportunities in our lives.

By accessing Source consciousness that connects us all and channeling various healing frequencies of Light (Angelic, Seraphim, dolphin, dragon, ascended masters, benevolent star beings) I can assist you to clear various physiological, emotional, mental, and spiritual problems, improve the quality of your life, and accelerate the strengthening of your own channel to your Higher Self and I AM Presence streams of consciousness so you can embody and bring forward more of who you are in the physical.

Are you ready to deeply heal and transform the limitations restricting your life? 

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