Energy Healing

What is Source energy?

The energy of Source is the creative force that connects everything together. People refer to it as Creator, God, the unified field, the quantum field, the zero-point, Great Spirit. The spark of Source is within everyone of us and we all have the natural ability to connect and work with this energy. The clearer our connection to Source energy is, the more aligned we are with our soul and human mission. Source energy provides us the infinite supply of unconditional love from where we can draw the inspiration, inner strength, and resilience to understand ourselves better, to commit to our life path, and to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of us living empowered lives.

What can I expect from an energy healing session with you?

Each energy healing session is unique as it presents an opportunity to focus on anything that is relevant for you on the day. It is best to set a clear intention what you would like to work on in advance as this will better direct the healing energies you will receive. During a session you can work on strengthening your connection to your Higher Self and Source, healing ancestral wounds and past life issues, clearing blocked energy that is not flowing from your DNA and your physical, emotional, mental, and light bodies, releasing negative entities, limiting soul contracts, and belief systems, upgrading your nervous and chakra systems, and activating the light codes that you are ready to embody.

How does ancestral healing work?

When we incarnate in a physical body we inherit many gifts, blessings, and experience, but also traumas, limitations, and DNA distortions from our ancestral lines. As part of a session you will be able to address issues stemming from your bloodline. When you heal an ancestral wound the healing will also be received by your ancestors and those coming after you. This may often include the clearing of vows and curses, the breaking of limiting soul contracts made by your ancestors that are negatively impacting you, and the healing of repeating limiting patterns across generations.

What is a chakra system upgrade?

A chakra system upgrade is an attunement which accelerates the transition of the individual chakras and their colours to a unified crystalline pillar of light. It will clear blocks and strengthen the nervous system and the spine which act as our spiritual antennas so that you are able to receive and embody higher frequencies of light.

What healing frequencies will I receive during the session?

During an energy healing session we will work with Source energy, your guides, and your Higher Self. Your Higher Self is a higher vibrational aspect of you that is guiding your life journey so that it can be embodied and emerge from within you. Depending on what you need most on the day, you could be attuned to the energy of the Ascended Masters, the angelic realms, the Elohim, the Seraphim, the benevolent star beings of Arcturus, Pleiades, Andromeda, or most probably an alchemy of different frequencies. You will also receive DNA and sacred geometry activations, and strengthen your connection to the Earth, the plants, and our friends from the animal kingdoms.

What can I expect after an energy healing session?

The healing codes received during an energy healing session will continues to work in the days to come. It is best to allow a few days of integration where you are gentle with yourself, find time to rest, drink plenty of water, and maintain a healthy lifestyle so that the energy can be fully absorbed across all layers of your being.

Is it better to book a single session or a session package?

While sometimes a single session is enough to address a particular problem,  the advantage of a session package is that you make a commitment to yourself to go deeper on your healing journey right from the start. The healing energy also takes time to integrate so with multiple sessions you are able to receive different activations and healing codes that will accelerate your journey.

How many days would you recommend to have between sessions?

After receiving an energy healing session, I would advise to let at least a few days to pass before having the next one. This will allow the healing energy to better integrate and will also give you the opportunity to observe the changes that are going to start happening around you and make it clearer what you would like to focus on during the next session.

What happens after I book my energy healing session?

I offer the energy healing sessions remotely over Zoom live video. After booking your session, I will contact you with the available time slots to choose from and once we agree the date and time, I will then email you a link to a private online Zoom meeting for the session.

Please, let me know in the notes on checkout what is your preferred date and time for your session and your time zone.

Private Session

 60 minute personalised energy healing session



/per session

  • Strengthen your connection to your Higher Self and Source energy
  • Heal ancestral wounds and past life issues
  • Clear blocked energy that is not flowing from your physical, emotional, mental, and light bodies 
  • Release negative entities, limiting soul contracts, and belief systems 
  • Upgrade your nervous and chakra systems
  • Activate the light codes that you are ready to embody
  • Enhance your intuition