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5 Energy Healing Sessions Package


Book five 60 minute personalised energy healing sessions. Each session is unique and builds on the progress from previous weeks.

  • Strengthen your connection to your Higher Self and Source energy
  • Heal ancestral wounds and past life issues
  • Clear blocked energy that is not flowing from your physical, emotional, mental, and light bodies
  • Release negative entities, limiting soul contracts, and belief systems
  • Upgrade your nervous and chakra systems
  • Receive advanced Light Body attunements
  • Enhance your intuition

After booking your package, I will contact you with the available time slots to choose from for your first session.

Once we agree the date and time, I will then email you a link to a private online Zoom meeting for the session.

Please, let me know in the notes on checkout if you have a preferred date and time for your session and your time zone.

Subsequent sessions, can be agreed on the day of the last session or as we find appropriate.